Collection: Chakradhara

‘Chakradhara’ threads the stripes and dots of nature, conservation, and sustainability while living the essence of Indian crafts and culture. This handloom and conservation project is intended to integrate artisanal craftsmanship, slow luxury and slow fashion with the havens of hope. We embrace the Tiger to uplift the consciousness towards our temples of nature and the whole ecosystem of our natural habitats. The name literally meaning Vishnu, the preserver of life represents the lively meadows inside the Bandhavgarh National Reserve. With Shesh Shaiya, a 65 ft long idol of Vishnu resting on a seven headed serpent, this region of Madhya Pradesh in India, is abundant with Tigers, the apex predator, god’s own creation featured in folklores of culture in ancient Hindu mythology for its charisma, mysticism, and intriguing power.


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